Charging by credit card from a mobile phone


There are startups that one does not know if they are going to succeed commercially or if the venture capital that has put the money is going to obtain a good return, but whose concept draws a powerful attention and the first impression you have in a matter of seconds is that It is an excellent idea.

Created a system to charge by credit card


This is the case of Sure Charge, a startup that has created a system to charge by credit card from a smartphone or tablet simply by placing a small device.

I have not had the opportunity to use Sure Charge , but the whole process of use seems to be geared towards simplification. To use it you have to open an account on their website, associate it with your bank account and they send you the small credit card reader that adapts to the hearing aid output of your smartphone or tablet. Along these same lines, its tariff system stands out.

To use Sure Charge you must first open an account on the company’s site. They ask for your name, address, and other information to prove your identity. Then you must associate your bank account with your Sure Charge account, in this way you will receive an electronic deposit of the transactions you process. In a few days you will receive by mail the small credit card reader that you will connect to your phone or tablet using the headphone jack and you only have to download the Sure Charge application on your iPhone or Android phone.

Charge you 2.75% of the sale price per transaction


Along the same lines of making the complex easier, in Sure Charge its rate system stands out, they charge you 2.75% of the sale price per transaction. If you do not use it, you do not pay, there are no monthly charges or other fees. For liking even I like the design of your website, simple and clear.

Obviously Sure Charge is a very interesting tool for small businesses where customers do not usually use credit cards, but it can also be interesting for all those businesses that may require sales that we could call “mobile” that is to say that they are not made in a usual physical location .

At the moment it seems that Sure Charge is not doing badly at all. Last July he announced that he was processing transactions worth $ 4 million a day. In November the figure had already risen to $ 11 million a day.

Sure Charge Fundraising:


At the end of 2009 Sure Charge received $ 10M from several Business Angels, at the beginning of 2011, Good Finance injected $ 27.5 million each, in Sean Cole put $ 100M valuing the company at more than 1,000 million and at the end of the year Richard Dawson He put $ 3 million. At least as far as Fundraising Sure Charge is concerned, the wind is aft.

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