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The Good lender instant loan is still possible even if German bank loans are no longer granted. The problem with lending in Germany is very often the high status of private credit checker, and even “small violations” of the rules of payment transactions can lead to negative entries. The warnings from mail order companies are particularly dangerous. Mail order companies almost always report violations of the rules. The offer of Good lender loans is primarily aimed at people with small entries.

The Good lender instant loan creates more credit justice.

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The Good lender instant loan must also be repaid on time and properly. Of course, nobody wants to lend money that he can only get back later with great difficulty. Nevertheless, there are people who can forget a bill. In most cases, this has less to do with solvency than simple disorganization. The invoice comes with the goods from the mail order company. The first installment is paid on time, but the next payment is simply forgotten. It is often small amounts that are stored in the memory as “insignificant”.

The sum is of course not “insignificant” for the mail order company. Countless reminders are sent out every day. The total amount of the reminder is considerable. In addition, the dunning procedure causes additional work and costs. In order to save the additional effort for later credit inquiries, the reminder is usually forwarded to private credit checker, usually automatically. Unfortunately, reporting the paid rate is not automatic.

The result of this inattention can mean being cut off from the credit market for the applicant. In the case of negative private credit checker information in Germany, this happens automatically. A negative entry is automatically responsible for the loan rejection. It is irrelevant whether the individual feels it is right or wrong. This is the credit guidelines in Germany. The Good lender instant loan is not subject to such strict requirements.

Credit scoring practiced by private credit checker can also have a very unfair impact on creditworthiness. With this form of credit assessment, people are assessed according to group membership in a statistical group. Even the place of residence alone, without any irregularities of its own, can lead to the loan being rejected. Not so with the Good lender instant loan. Querying private credit checker can be excluded when applying.

Credit agencies establish the contact.

Credit agencies establish the contact.

The contact to banks that issue the Good lender instant loan without private credit checker is usually established through credit intermediaries. Lenders are respected banks for Good lender loans. Of course, credit security is also crucial for these lenders. The big difference, however, is that private credit checker ‘s credit rating information loses its omnipotence. Solvency can also be proven in other ways. Small irregularities are therefore not so important in the lending criteria for the Good lender instant loan.

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