Saving by borrowing. How much can you gain from payday loan pay?

Few, when making a financial commitment, see it as a form of saving. Online Payday Loans proves that you can get a loan – up to 20%. All you have to do is be a loyal customer. A loan for a loyal customer is better.

The status of a Loyal Customer can be obtained after repayment of the second loan – it is important that the reimbursement always takes place on the date specified in the contract. If we decide to use the Online Payday Loans services for the third and fourth time, we will be called the “Silver Customer”.

We will be entitled to 10% on this account. loan discount. That means we’ll give away a tenth less than it would have been without a bonus. A maximum of USD 1,500 can be borrowed. This means that with the highest available limit instead of USD 1919, we will have to give back USD 1727.1.

Online Payday Loanss Promotion

Online Payday Loanss Promotion

As part of the “Saving by Borrowing” promotion, we get the “Golden Customer” status, which is associated with a 15% reduction in the total cost of the commitment, with a fifth and sixth loan. We are automatically rewarded for our loyalty with the option of applying for up to USD 2,000, with a repayment period of no more than 30 days.

The most for loyalty to Online Payday Loanss can be gained with the seventh and subsequent loans. First, from now on, as a “VIP Customer”, we can apply for up to USD 2,500. Secondly, we will save up to 20% on this.

Online Payday loans pay off on time

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It is worth emphasizing that discounts under the loyalty program are granted only to people who have never had problems with paying their debts on time.

If one of the regular customers turns a leg and is not able to fulfill the conditions of the contract due to a series of adverse events, then the status of “Loyal Customer” will be withdrawn. Bonuses will be forfeited if you do not receive a refund or when you decide to extend the loan repayment date.

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